Be active outdoors, relax in the hotel

Discover the best outdoor activities in the Veluwe and the surrounding area! Get on a bike and explore the most exciting MTB routes, become one with nature and take an invigorating walk through the woods. These are a few of the must-do activities!

Walking in the woods
De Werelt hotel in Lunteren is located right in the middle of the Veluwe's extensive woodlands. There are many miles (kilometres) of walking paths with an occasional lookout tower or a wildlife observation post. If you go for a walk in the early morning or evening, chances are that a group of deer will cross the frorest path right before your eyes. If you enjoy a challenge when you are out for a walk, then you should try geocaching. Which walking route in the area will you choose? Just set off and enjoy the tranquillity of nature!

Rise to the challenge of Lunteren's mountain bike route.
Attention, all mountain bike fans! Lunteren's mountain bike route is not far from De Werelt. This route is 31.3 kilometres long with a mix of fast single tracks, challenging climbs, steep descents and the area known to all mountain bikers as Area 51... The route is marked by posts with the international purple mountain-bike symbol: a triangle above two circles. Are you coming with the kids? Then the children's MTB route starting at Ede is highly recommended. This fun route is 4.5 kilometres long and children have priority. Don’t have a mountain bike? Book our cycling package!

Plan your own cycle trip 
Would you like to explore the area? Do it by bike. De Werelt is located on the ANWB cycling network system. You can easily put together your own route using the cycle network planner. Cycle through the Veluwe's extensive woodlands and the beautiful countryside until you reach the floodplains of the Rhine. It's all possible. Tip: many farmers sell local products in farm shops or roadside stalls.

Go for a walk across the Wekerom sand drifts
You don't need to go all the way to the sea to find sand dunes... You'll also find them near De Werelt hotel. A walk across the Wekerom sand drifts is a must-do activity. You will walk through the woods, across heathland and, of course, across the impressive sand drifts. Find your own way around or follow the red posts for a nice hiking route of 7.5 kilometres. On the way, you can spot mouflons, heather cows and salamanders.

More things to do in the area
Is the sun shining? Grab your swimsuit and go for a swim right in the middle of the woods at the Bosbad swimming pool in Lunteren. Or explore the National Park 'De Hoge Veluwe'. Go for a stroll through the picturesque village of Hoenderloo where you can eat the best ice cream in the Veluwe. The list goes on and on. Looking for something less active? Discover some of the beautiful places of interest situated near De Werelt. So: when would you like to plan your overnight stay, weekend or a wonderfully relaxing midweek break?

List of all outdoor activities:

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